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MOD-COFDM Analogue to Digital Modulator
MOD-COFDM Analogue to Digital Modulator
Indoor modulator that allows you to convert any composite AV source directly to digital terrestrial. It converts composite Analogue output (PAL, NTSC or SECAM) from Video Cameras, Security Cameras, DVD players and set top boxes into COFDM. It is therefore ideally suitd for medium sized systems where it is necessary to distribute a signal to several users.
The full standard modulator is compact, easy to maintain and simple to install. Extra functionality provides excellent compatibility with all digital TVs. Plug and play setup or create your own channel name , Logical Channel Number and RF output. For users with more complex requirements, it is possible to program the modulator by using the external programming TPE unit to set the required parameters.

 Main Specifications:

- Output frequency in the whole UHF band
- Switching mode power supply
- High output level
- LCN ( logical channel Numbering)
- High flexibility
- Completely shielded
- Multistandard input
- Regeneration of the table PSI/SI 

Other advantages:

- Excellent modulation: real output MER (Modulation Error Rate) superior  to 33 db
- 30dB gain adjustment